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Frog Lock Licensed Locksmith can serve you better for your locksmith help needs. 

Our process

We don’t come unprepared. Our team of locksmiths are professionals who know and value the importance of reliable services that you can count on. 

First, you send us a picture of the issue.   Then, we will tell you how long it will take to finish the job. In this case, you will also know what to expect from the project.

No hidden charges but transparent pricing

There are no surprises in terms of the price, too! Our team sticks to our prices. What we have quoted before starting with the project is the same amount of money to pay. 

You don’t have to pay for any hidden charges, which we know are very frustrating. Choosing us, you can look forward to transparent pricing to which we stick to all the time. 

No outsourcing for Licensed Locksmith

Our experts perform jobs themselves, without outsourcing it to other locksmiths. Outsourcing is a practice done frequently in the locksmith community when companies cannot handle the markets demand., Outsourcing comes with inflated prices due to intermediaries and low-quality technicians sent to the job site.   We value the integrity of our jobs, so we do not outsource our technicians. Instead of outsourcing, Frog Lock has built a large network of professional licensed technicians to contact during times of high demand. All of our technicians have been through a rigorous interview process before being sent to service customers. Our goal is to keep the customer pleased, and it’s only possible when we take serious consideration of who is dispatched to you.  With Frog Lock Locksmith, you’re guaranteed quality and reliable locksmith services.


Through the years, Frog Lock Locksmith has continued to evolve and expand our products and services.  Now, we offer the latest products in security technology with fair prices for labor and installation. 

Our team offers digital lock installations, repairs, and maintenance that meet the demands of all residential and commercial customers.  

Our digital locks can provide optimal performance that you can count on to improve the security of your property. 

Now, you can control the people that can unlock your doors to enter specific locations by day of the week, time of the day, and the person using proximity devices or biometrics. We carry very high-tech digital locks that can ensure you know who’s in your property and when.   

Now, you can monitor your business and home with security cameras by the most leading surveillance brands on the market. At Frog Lock we carry a wide variety of security cameras, and we can guarantee we have the right CCTV for your satisfaction. 

Straightforward Process or our Licensed Locksmith

Choose a lock and give information about it, our team will come to your house, and install it for you! There is no complicated process involved. Our team at Frog Lock always has fast access to parts to get your job done. We ensure fast and efficient services. 

For residentialcommercial locksmith and car locksmith in Long Island, call (516) 263-7770 for free estimates today!

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Every month, Frog Lock Locksmith offers a new promotion that you will love. We’re thrilled and excited to give you the best deals.  

For this month, check out the following for the latest discounts and promotions.  For more information, you may also contact (516) 263-7770 today!


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