We come to you!

Simply give us a call and talk to us about the issue.  Send us a picture and from there we will give you an estimate. 

Upon discussion and agreement of what needs to be done,   we are going to send our technician to your location in Suffolk County, Nassau County or anywhere in the entirety of Long Island.

Regardless of where you are in these locations, you can look forward to fast and efficient locksmith service. 

Frog Lock Locksmith can help in all your locksmith needs. For example, you can call us for car lockouts or home lockouts so that you can get out of that terrible situation fast.

We stick to our prices

Through the years, our customers have been counting on us for a wide range of locksmith services, including auto locksmith, commercial lock change and digital locks installation, to name some, and for our affordable services.

Another reason to choose us is our honest and transparent pricing. We do not charge hidden fees but only the price we have given you.  Frog Lock Locksmith believes in transparency and values the trust of customers. It is why many of them are returning customers who also refer others to us, too.

Choosing us, you can look forward to immediate locksmith help in Long Island, Nassau County, and Suffolk County.   We will come to your location and deliver the services you need.  

We’re available 24/7

and even on the weekends for all your locksmith needs. For quality, professional and reliable commercial, residential and auto locksmith services, call (516) 263-7770 today!