Re-Key Job

I am sure all of us have lost the keys to the house at one point or another in life. This happens

to be the case for a client In Manhasset NY off Northern Blvd; the client had lost the key for

an Anderson glass patio door. The easy and effective solution was to rekey the lock. We had

to repair the lever handle and rekey the lock cylinder with Schlage keyway, also called key-in-
knob cylinder. A keyway s what precludes you from even starting to push the incorrect key into

the wrong slot. If you have the correct keyway but the wrong key, one can without difficulty

slide the key into the lock, but it won’t turn. The Schlage keyway is used with most sliding door

handle sets and many entry trim sets as it easily fits most sliding door locksets and many entry

trim sets. Our speediness in response and problem solution leaves the client amazed and very

grateful for our services.