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Discover a variety of safety and security options tailored to your needs. Our products are expertly designed, ensuring top-notch quality. From effortless access control to reliable entry systems, we offer a wide range of solutions. Contact us to find the perfect fit for your requirements, all in one place.

Advanced Technology Feature Products

Our products have advanced technology to make sure you stay safe and have an easy time using them. They come with special features for keeping things secure. These features can be customized to fit your needs. You can use things like fingerprints or a special code instead of keys to get in and even control them from far away. Our products are built to work well, be reliable, and work accurately. They’ll help you feel safe. Check out our affordable products today.

Maximize Convenience with High-Tech Products

Frog-Lock has high-quality products to make your life simpler. We have modern ways to control who comes into your place. We offer incredible security options for your car, like keys that don’t need to go in the lock and remotes to open and close your car quickly. Our locks are strong at home, with tough bolts and sturdy door knobs. Whether you’re protecting your work, car, or home, our advanced products will make you safer and life easier.


Our safes provide a secure storage solution for your valuables, safeguarding them. With modern locks and durable construction.

Flip Keys

Offering convenience and ease of use, our flip keys simplify access to your vehicle. Flip the key, and you're ready to start your car effortlessly.

Panic Bars

In emergencies, quick and safe exits are crucial. Our panic bars ensure a fast and stress-free exit, enhancing safety in public spaces.

Door Closers

Keep your doors controlled and consistently closed with our door closers. These devices not only improve safety but also add convenience.

Keyless Entry

Experience a modern approach to security with our keyless entry systems. They eliminate the need for traditional keys, allowing you to secure your doors using a code or card.


Our deadbolt locks provide an extra layer of security. Their latest design and reliability ensure the safety of your property also providing peace of mind regarding safety.

Door Handles

Combining style and strength, our door handles not only improve functionality but also enhance the appearance. They provide both a secure grip and an elegant touch.

Electric Strikes

Enhance door security with our electric strikes product, which provides controlled access to authorized individuals. This technology increases safety and allows for efficient entry.

Magnetic Locks

Our magnetic locks products are known for their strength and reliability. With a magnetic lock in place, you can trust in the security of your premises.

Key Head Remote

Our key head remote allows you to control your car's locks and alarms effortlessly. With this convenient device, you can enhance your vehicle's security.

Car Remote Controls

Our car remote controls provide quick and convenient access to your vehicle in a hassle-free way. These devices are designed to simplify.

High-Security Car Keys

Protect your vehicle with our high-security car keys, which are designed to deter unauthorized access . These keys provide extra security.

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