How to Choose an Alarm System and Why Hire a Professional

Installing an alarm system in your home is one of the best decisions you’ll make. And with the right one, you can have peace of mind, protect your valuable assets and property, and ensure your loved ones’ safety. Now, how do you

select a home alarm system?

How to Choose a Home Alarm System
To start, let’s talk about ways on how to get started with the selection process. Also, later in this article, let us discuss certain reasons it is better to choose a professional alarm system installation than to do it yourself.

How many doors and windows do you want to protect from burglary and intrusion? Start surveying your home and

write the details down.

What are the possible locations for the keypads and control panel? Think about it carefully. At the very least, we

recommend somewhere close to the front door. It is convenient and strategic for the alarm’s keypad. For the bedroom, a spot close to the bed is advised.

What is the distance of the doors and windows from the control panel?

Knowing its distance, you will know how far
the wires should be routed, if choosing a wired system.
The same applies if choosing a wireless system. Getting the right distance between the control panel and the doors and windows will help you figure out how much of it will be needed to communicate with the alarm system sensors.
Note: It might be difficult to install a wired security system for houses already constructed.

Do you want a monitored system?

It’s connected to a central monitoring station offering home monitoring at a setmonthly fee. For a cheaper alternative, you can opt for a self-monitoring system that will dial preselected phone numbers or your private phone number in the case of an alarm.

What are the daily habits of your family?

For example, do you go to the bathroom or have a snack in the middle of the night? Do you require sophisticated alarm equipment for valuable possessions? Examples include photo detectors and surveillance cameras. Knowing of these, you can decide on the type of motion sensor along with other security equipment to install and ways they must be installed.

Can it monitor your entire home?

Regardless a wired or a wireless connection, you should be able to protect your entire home.
Every device, door and window connected into the alarm system is called a zone. And there are multiple zones that a system can control varying from one model to the next. For example, a specific model can monitor or handle up to 28 wireless zones.
Also, know that the installer, if you choose a pro installation service, will have to drill holes in the walls with a hard-wired system.
On the other hand, there must be enough transmission range that can cover the entire home if choosing a wireless system. This alarm system should also cover the farthest zone.

Does it work with safety sensors, such as gas detectors, CO sensors and flood detectors?

Choose an alarm system that includes this feature. For an even better result, select one that can include emergency buttons and panic buttons.

Is it user-friendly?

An alarm system should be user-friendly. For example, it should be easy for you to add new codes, and the process must be equally simple. Make sure that each member of your family will learn of it easily, too.

How We Can Help

By choosing a professional alarm system installation, you can also be sure the security system fits your needs and requirements. We can install a high-tech alarm, wired or wireless. With us, you can save money because we offer competitive rates. Our team can also install a wireless alarm that lets you control your system using your Smartphone. You can also connect your alarm to our Central Monitoring Station at a monthly fee lower than industry rates are.
What are you waiting for? Call us up today!

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