Locksmith in Queens NY

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We received a call from a gentleman from bayside queens who had been referred to us by a customer we had worked for in that area. He wanted us to install a deadbolt lock. He told us he was scared of the vandalism that had become rampant in the neighborhood. On arriving at his house, we embarked on the task he had requested us to accomplish. We requested our client to choose the deadbolt he wanted us to install. We had carried a number of the deadbolts locks. We had the single cylinder deadbolt, the double cylinder one, the keyless entry deadbolt, and the electronic keyless deadbolt. The client chose a double-cylinder deadbolt.

We drilled a hole in the metal door as we also fixed the existing lock because the locksmith who had been there having done a shoddy job and it was necessary that we correct the mistakes he had made before installing the deadbolt. We picked one of the double-cylinder deadbolts we had carried and tested to see if it was working or not. This deadbolt required a key in order to be unlocked and locked. We thought this was the best deadbolt that could provide the security the gentleman was looking for.

After fixing the locks on most of the doors, we carefully installed the deadbolts. We tested each one of them to ensure that they were working well. After being satisfied with the job we had done, we called the gentleman and showed him how the deadbolts are operated. We gave him a few tips on oiling them to ensure that they continue serving him. He was happy with our work.