Locksmith in Whitestone Queens

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 One of my clients from Whitestone queens ny called me and asked me to come quickly because she had just finished her shopping and she was locked outside the car . She was too upset since she had  been locked outside and it was very hot. The lady had just finished shopping for food stuff such as meats and she was worried that the heat could spoil her foods.

When we got there, we saw a four years old cute child . The client who had called, me was yelling at her son because he locked the door.  This was an emergency which we had to attend to immediately. So we checked her identification and verified that car was her. After verifying that the car was hers, I decided that we use a slim jim which is known to open door during emergencies. The slim jim is generally a small piece of hardened steel which measures 24’’ to 30’’ inches. It is hardened steel which can give quick results depending on the nature of the car.

I slid the slim jim between the windows and lowered it to the lock mechanism.  After I was sure that the notch had touched one end of the lock , I raised  it up lifting the lock and it unlocked the vehicle.  The owner of the car was grateful, she thanked us  and we left.


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