Locksmith in Levittown, 11756

One of the landlords of Levittown NY 11756, in long island, called us because she wanted us to change the locks because she evicted the tenant. It was because he hadn’t paid the rent. The tenant had left with all the keys. She wanted to have the keys to both doors; front and back with the same key.
This job had to be done fast because the lady had a new tenant who wanted to move into the house. So
we needed to re-key all the locks with the same key and install 2 quickset deadbolt locks and 2 quickset knobs.
Changing the doorknob
The first thing I did was to change the doorknob; I installed the latch bolt followed by the latch bolt
plate. Thereafter, I installed the outside knob which I connected to the inside one using the screw posts.
Thereafter, I used the wood screws to install the new strike plate into the frame and sprayed it using
WD-40 lubricant.
Installing the deadbolt
To install the deadbolt, I connected the thumb turn into the trim ring of the cylinder through the slot. I
then installed the strike plates using the screws. .When I realized that the strike plate and the latch were
far apart; I installed a reinforcement plate and sprayed it using DW-40 lubricant.
After ensuring that all the locks are installed on the door, I tried the locks and handed 4 copies of the
keys to the landlord. She tried all 4 KEYS and confirmed that they were all working. She praised us for
our good work.