Locksmith in Searingtown Roslyn

After your building has been inspected, there are chances that you must initiate This is why a
client who lives in Searingtown part of the Greater Roslyn area in a long island called us and asked how much it would cost to
have a new single side deadbolt lock installed. He briefed us about the visitor he had received from
the inspector of the building department who had strongly advised him to have the deadbolt installed by a licensed locksmith
for emergency exit purposes. We bought a single-side chrome deadbolt lock as we drove to Searingtown.
After examining the door, we realized that the client’s door was made from steel. We made a paper template which we used to mark the centers of the bolt. We carefully drilled the required holes. We then inserted the bolts in the holes we had drilled and installed the deadbolt lock. Our

the client was happy with the job.