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A restaurant in Roslyn long island call we need to adjust the Lech and the door. An old client who owns a restaurant in long island called us to inform us that his door  had some problems .and the lock not working it was baldwin rim cylinder lock, He wanted us to go and observe the door and make some adjustment. He mentioned to us that he had earlier on contracted some locksmiths who had failed to repair the door . When we enquired about the problems he was experiencing, the explanation he gave us indicated that the door needed experts who could adjust the lech and the lock. We packed the tools we required for this task and left.

On arrival, our locksmiths observed the door and were able to establish the problem it had. They used a crowbar to move the door up and adjust the Lech and the door. It took us 2 hours to successfully complete the job. The client was happy with the job we had done, thanked us he praised us and we left.