Deadbolt: Long Island Locksmith Install New Lock

“How Long Island locksmith install new lock?” Frog Lock Locksmith has been around for decades, helping customers install new locks to their homes. Today, we’d like to share deadbolt installation for home security.

Long Island Locksmith Install New Lock

Installing deadbolts for home security is a wise decision. One client, Thomas, called us last week to install it for his new apartment. The process was easy and fast with pro locksmiths Long Island.

Long Island locksmith install new lock

Deadbolt Locks Installation

  1. Determine the location’s height for installation. Ensure that the deadbolt’s placement won’t interfere with the latch on the screen door or storm door. The deadbolt should be right above the doorknob.
  2. Check on the manufacturer’s template. Then, mark the middle of the deadbolt’s location on the door. A standard and common measurement is 2 3/8 from the door’s edge. This measurement doesn’t apply to all lock brands though.
  3. Use the provided template to mark one hole on the door’s side for the latch. If the exterior door is steel-sided but with wood core, use a hole saw to drill through the steel and make a hole for the new lock. For the latch, you can use a spade bit in order to cut a hole into the door’s side.
  4. Put the plate around your newly created latch hole, and then start marking around the edge. You can use a chisel so that you can carve out a recess for your latch plate to sit flush on the door.
  5. Start inserting the latch through the hole created and then connecting the plate to your door with the screws.
  6. Place the deadbolt, and then connect each end using long screws.
  7. Using the template, install the strike plate. You may also extend the new deadbolt lock on your door by creating a mark along the doorjamb’s side. Next, extend beginning from that marking towards the doorjamb’s center before drilling out the latch hole. Do it with a spade bit, and then again, make use of a chisel to create a recess in the doorjamb so that you can sit the strike plate on it.

That’s basically how Long Island locksmith install new lock like a deadbolt for customers like Thomas.  For the best results, hire only the pros at Frog Lock Locksmith.  Just give us a call at (516) 263-7770 today!