How to Pass Commercial Fire Inspection

How to Pass Commercial Fire Inspection

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Frog Lock Locksmith is one of the locksmith companies in New York to help with unfortunate security problems in Long Island.  We have a certified and trained team on standby to help with lock system and security updates.

In your building, many users might not be familiar with an exit or lock device especially in an emergency. This will become a fire hazard on the report of the marshals.

In some cases, the local fire marshals or authorities might not even permit the devices.  Get help from Frog Lock Locksmith for inspection! We can help you pass the fire inspection on the first try.

Pre-fire inspection checklist

The inspectors are going to look into the items in your building. It is important to keep an eye on them for proper maintenance or needed repair.

For the exits,

  • The exit signs should be in working order.
  • On the exit door, there must be a hardware/lock called a push bar or exit bar.
  • The aisle or door shouldn’t be obstructed.
  • The exit doors should open easily.
  • The emergency lights must be in working order.
  • There should be no other locking devices on doors with a panic hardware installed.
  • There should be no hasps or flush bolts on the means of egress.
  • A sign saying, “Keep this door open during business hours” must also be in place.

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Added costs and delays happen to businesses that fail the inspection. It is possible to pass the first fire inspection attempt though.

For example, the hardware, connections and wires have to be installed in order to code for the system so that you would pass the fire inspection.

Get Help from Frog Lock Locksmith

We have the skills, tools and experience to help with fire inspection preparation in a timely manner at affordable prices!  Our team will help you pass the fire inspection standards and provide you with the solutions.

Frog Lock will test and fix problems to ensure that you’ll pass on the first attempt. But take note that a variety of equipment is needed to meet the fire code standards. These standards depend on the size, type and use of the building. Also, the New York State has   its fire code requirements. We know the ins and outs of building fire code requirements. Contact us today!