Meir Rekeys a Commercial Store Door in Roslyn NY

We went to Roslyn New York and re-key our customer door lock.

Rekeying Locks for Premises

Sometimes one has to inevitably fire some of his employees. When this happens, it becomes

necessary to have all the locks to the premises changed. Alternatively, one may be forced to

rekey his locks. As an employer, you have an option of rekeying all the locks or you may choose

to rekey the front and the back door only. One of our clients in Roslyn New York called us

and informed us that some of the locks to her commercial building had stopped working. More

importantly, she had to either change the locks or rekey them after firing some of her staff.

We dispatched Meir who is one of the most experienced locksmiths from FrogLock to go and

do the job for our client. After studying the locks, Meir chose to have the locks rekeyed so that

no stranger could have access to our client’s premises without his permission. Luckily, he had

walked with a rekeying kit which he used to rekey the locks

Meir commenced his work by removing the exterior doorknob using a special wire which he

inserted into the knob and bent it. He took out the cylinder and pushed it to remove the sleeve

covering it. He used a wrench to remove the retaining ring from the cylinder. He proceeded

to remove the cylinder plug. This had to be carefully done so as to ensure that the springs do

not fall out. He proceeded by removing the lower lock pins and insert the new lock key. This

pushed the springs out of the way and helped when inserting the new locks. He inserted and

removed the pins several times until he achieved the desired results. He reassembled the lock and

replaced the cylinder. He tested the rekeyed door to ensure that it was working.

Watch Frog-lock in action:

Below is Meir from FrogLock rekeying the lock.

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