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One of our clients who lived in Douglaston NY called us and told us that one of his handle to the  front door had been broken. He explained that the door handle was a Boldwing set with mortise mechanism and mortise lock . The door had been custom made. When we asked how the handle had been broken into, he explained that he had two big dogs in the house. What had happened was that one of the dogs had tried to open the door and in the process had ended up breaking the door handle. The door was custom made and thus we needed custom made spindle for the handle. This is what could help us fix the problem. 

high security mortise lock cylinder
locksmith repair lock in douglaston ny

high security mortise lock cylinder


Douglaston locksmith service
Lock and key

We took two hours to work and the fix the problem. The Client was happy because he had previously had two locksmiths who had worked on the door but were not able to solve the problem.