Emergency Locksmith Services in Manhasset NY

Frog Lock Corp is your go-to solution for all your lock needs. We’re here for you whether you’re locked out of your home, car, office, or even your locker. Our Emergency Locksmith Services experts are skilled at repairing filing cabinet locks, gate locks, and even the locks on your storage units. If a lock needs a key, we replace it. Call us, and we’ll rescue you in Long Island, Nassau County, or Suffolk County.

Locksmith Cost

Want to know about locksmith costs? Prices change based on what you need. If you’re stuck outside or need an extra key, it’s not too much. But if you want fancy things like changing lots of locks or super security, it could be a bit more. Talk to us, and we’ll tell you how much your job might cost. Our Car Key Replacement Services helps keep your Car safe.

Lock Change Cost

Are you curious about lock change costs in Long Island? Prices vary depending on factors like the lock type and your location. For swift assistance, check out our emergency locksmith services. Contact us to discuss your needs and get an estimate tailored to your situation. Your security matters to us!

Secure Locksmith Services in NYC

Frog Lock Corp is a trusted locksmith in Long Island, NYC. With a strong record and years of experience, we offer safe and secure locksmith solutions that bring you peace of mind. 

Our skilled team provides quick and reliable services, ensuring your safety and convenience.


  • Fast Help
  • Expert Staff
  • Always Open
  • Fair Prices
  • Latest Solutions

Choose Frog Lock Corp for all your locksmith needs. We care about your safety. Contact us anytime for help and top-quality solutions.

Secure Locksmith Services in NYC
Skilled Emergency Locksmith Services

Skilled Emergency Locksmith Services

If you’re in Long Island, Nassau County, or Suffolk County and need a skilled locksmith, we offer emergency locksmith services. We’re experts at repairing lockouts, making new keys, and boosting security.

What We Offer:

  • Home Locksmith
  • Business Locksmith
  • Vehicle Locksmith

We’re known for doing a great job, and we promise you’ll be happy with our help.

Experienced Locksmith in Flushing

If you’re in Flushing and need a locksmith who knows what they’re doing, we’re the ones to call. Our team of experts can help you with all sorts of lock and key problems. Did you get locked out of your place, need a new key, or want things to be safer? 

We’re here. We provide emergency locksmith services, so call us if you’re in a real hurry – we’re ready to help immediately in emergencies. 

How Much Does a Locksmith Cost?

Frog Lock Corp is a trusted locksmith company serving Long Island, Nassau County, and Suffolk County. We’re here to help with your lock and key needs at prices that won’t break the bank. There are a few factors that can affect the locksmith services cost:

  • Service Locked out or new lock?
  • Timing Nights/weekends might cost more.
  • Lock Type Fancy locks = higher cost.
  • Additions Extra keys and special locks = added cost.

At Frog Lock Corp, we promise clear prices and good deals. We’re the ones to call for affordable and dependable emergency locksmith services in Long Island.

Trusted Emergency Locksmith Services in Manhasset NY

At Frog Lock Corp, we offer various security services for businesses, homes, and vehicles in Bar NYC. We do lots of things to keep you secure. We set up fancy security systems for businesses and keep them working nicely.

If you need your house safe, we help with locks and keys and give good advice. And guess what? We’re the Car Lockouts Experts to call if you ever get stuck outside your car. We’re good at repairing that! You can trust Frog Lock Corp to make things super safe – just for you!