Intercom Systems in Long Island

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Intercom Systems

Your door is, by its definition, the gateway to your home or business. When security is an issue, leaving your door vulnerable to strangers is enough to make anyone insecure. By installing an intercom systems, it protects you and your family from unnecessarily opening the door to potential dangers. Keep an eye and ear on your doorstep without ever having to expose yourself to uncomfortable situations by becoming your own digital doorman, and regulate exactly who and who doesn’t enter your home/business. You will never have to wonder who is at your door again.

How it Works

There are two different intercom systems: audio intercom systems and video intercom systems.

Audio intercom systems utilize a 2-way speaker system that allows you to speak to whoever is at your doorstep. Visitors will have to use an outdoor audio station in order to gain access to your home/business. This way, there will always be a doorbell that alerts you of visitors; no more unannounced visitors, no more surprises. Some higher models of the audio intercom system feature a lock/unlock ability, allowing you to open the door for visitors without having to go to your door yourself. Other features that audio intercoms offer are hands-free operation, modular form factor, or a simpler, easy-to-use handset form factor.

Benefits of an Intercom System

Complete control and regulation over your home or business entrance

  • 24-hour video watch on your door(s)
  • Keeps a record of all home/business visitors
  • Speak to visitors and strangers before they gain entrance
  • Increase the market value of your home/building/business
  • Lowers insurance costs
  • Gives a sense of security for you, your family, co-workers, and tenants
  • Deter criminal activity and vandalism
  • Monitor your business
  • Avoid going to the door and exposing yourself to danger
  • Avoid using the door viewer/door hole
  • Keep an eye on your door even when you are not home
  • Peace of mind
  • Manufacturers

We carry a wide variety of video intercom products from the most reputable manufacturers.

The most widely trusted brands are Seidle, Aiphone, and Elbex. They offer the highest state-of-the-art technology in their video intercom systems, including wireless door control, panning cameras, high-resolution video, timestamping, computer network integration, panic switches, video panels, and solid construction. Their products are offered at competitive prices without compromising safety.

Frog Lock other product brands include EntryVue, Doorking, Mircom, and Viking, all of which feature highly technologically advanced features as well.

Intercom Systems

High Resolution Video Cameras

Using high-resolution video cameras, the video intercom system keeps a stern watch over your door’s entrance and adds another dimension to the audio intercom system. While audio intercoms are great, video intercoms are fool-proof and let you identify exactly who is knocking at your door. The camera operates on a 24-hour basis, regardless of the model, unless of course, you yourself choose to turn it off. With a visual image of visitors, you are able to definitively identify exactly who is at your doorstep and eliminate all traces of doubt. Video intercoms are coupled with the 2-way speaker systems of traditional intercoms, allowing you to talk to visitors as well.

Security Camera Installation

Some higher-end systems offer built-in memory that snaps a picture of every person that rings the doorbell, attaching a timestamp to each snapshot. Another feature that video intercom systems may offer is the ability to lock/unlock your door remotely, allowing visitors to come in without going to your door. 

Other available features include night-vision cameras, hands-free operation, panning video cameras, emergency calls, and computer network integration. The newest feature that some models offer is the ability to be integrated with your smartphone/iPad/tablet, adding increased mobility in the remote control. 

Having a video intercom system guard your home or business adds a strong dimension of security and eliminates the worry that comes with opening the gateway to your residence.

Why choose Frog-Lock to install your intercom system?

We install and repair the intercom system.
Our technicians are highly experienced in installing both audio and video intercom systems. They have worked for years with a wide variety of security implementations, and intercoms are no exception. Additionally, we have knowledge of the brand-specific intricacies of each manufacturer’s products. Every manufacturer is different in its own way, and Frog-Lock technicians will be able to advise you on which brand and product fit the specific needs of you and your home/building.