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Professional Lock Repair Services in Long Island

Humidity, dust, lack of maintenance, or wrong handling can cause a lock to not work correctly. Frog Lock locksmiths have the knowledge and experience to repair thousands of kinds of locks from the very old to new modern locks. Once the lock repair is complete our New York locksmiths will be able to provide you with information about proper maintenance and usage so your repaired lock will last.

People often think if they just put a little oil in the lock will resolve the problem. This may be a temporary solution, but it often leads to the lock getting worse until you are locked out. The Frog Lock locksmiths will come to you and provide you with the best service and advice as resolving your broken lock.

If something is wrong with your locks, how will you come to know what your lock needs? Does it need repairing or replacing?  Well, knowing the information about your lock will make it easier for you to solve any of their potential problems. Plus, the information mentioned below can help you save some of your money and help you make a proper decision:

Repairing Locks

Why do you need a lock repair? Well, the answer is simple. If you don’t repair your faulty locks then your house, car, and businesses will be vulnerable to thieves, robbers, and other criminals. However, it is important to understand when do you require proper repairing and of what level.

Sometimes you face problems that can be easily fixed by oiling and tightening the screws and do not need the professional assistance of a locksmith. You might also be able to find some tips to maintain and repair simple locks and latches online. Nevertheless, in serious cases, you will need to get an expert locksmith because you could do it wrong which might later bring grave consequences. Similarly, if you have an advanced security system in place in your office or house then even the tiniest problem can be damaging. This is why repairing your locks is highly crucial and doing it the right way is even more important.

repairing lock
Maintaining locks

Maintaining locks

The door locks at your home or office protect your family, property, and your valuables which is why it is important to keep them working as efficiently as possible. Regular maintenance of the locks does not take much time and it helps to keep your valuables safe. One way to keep your lock healthy and functioning for a long time would be to spray WD-40, a well-recognized product, at least once a week.

Most of us have heard about robbery and loot incidents in which robbers took advantage of faulty locks. For example, a few years ago in Astoria, a group of robbers looted an apartment during the daytime quite easily and stole thousands of dollars worth of valuables. Later the police inspected the place and reported that the robbers were able to easily break into the apartment because the deadbolt placed at the door was faulty.

To be on the safer side, one should regularly maintain and repair their locks, and even replace it when necessary. For better results, it is advisable that you hire Frog Lock experienced locksmith for getting your job done because no one can match the quality service provided by an expert locksmith.

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