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We provide new lock installation services for your commercial or home security. We are experienced in all different lock types whether you need a deadbolt lock, high-security lock, or even a mortise lock installed.

Frog Lock installs only quality locks and we will personally make sure everything is working correctly and you know how to operate your new lock before we leave. We will be happy to talk to you about your security needs and help you choose the correct new lock for your situation.

The process of New Lock Installation

Start by screwing a template on the portion of the door earmarked. The next thing must do is to cut a mortise on the edge of the door for the lockset. Ensure that you make holes in the frame for the strike plate which is usually used to engage the lock’s bolt. For this job to be successful, you need the following set of tools; tape, a lockset, a pencil, a combination square, sandpaper, a chisel, and a screwdriver. You also need the new set of the lockset to be installed. Use the power drill to drill holes on the door using a template as your guideline. 

Drill two holes; one of the holes to be used for the lock cylinder should be drilled on the door while the bolt hole must be drilled on the edge of the door. When drilling the hole for the lock cylinder, you need to be extremely careful not to damage the veneer. Once you notice that the point of the drill is coming through, stop drilling and finish the drilling from the other side. 

New Lock Installations

You should then drill a hole into the edge of the door till it reaches the cylinder hole. This drilling is complicated and must be done at a right angle and sandpaper used to make the surface smooth. After finishing the drilling, insert the bolt into the hole with the bolt plate placed over it and trace the outline. Use a chisel to cut out the mortises after which insert a bolt and its plate in the mortise. Finally, you should screw the bolt in place and insert the outside lock.

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To schedule, a new lock installation contact Frog Lock qualified locksmiths in New York servicing Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Nassau County of Long Island.

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