Metal Doors vs. Wood Doors

At Frog Lock Locksmith, we install and change metal doors of all types. We offer a wide range of new fireproof doors, which are known for being solid and durable. These doors are also fire-rated between 90 minutes and three hours.  The metal doors we install are from top manufactures like CAPITOL fireproof doors.

Long Island customers get help from us to change and install new metal doors, which are fire department approved as well.  We can change the door and frame or frame only. Some frames available are Kalamein Frames and Angle Iron & Angle Iron Z Frames, to name some.


  • Kalamein frames: They’re kiln dried, solid pine lumber with 24-gauge steel covering. They’re welded at the corners for strength. Each is also mortised for locksets and hinges. Nailed into place are the spreaders for correct fitting.
  • Angle iron frames: They’re fabricated from 3 sections of 10-gauge steel flats. They’re bent into L shaped angles. Each section is welded to form “a jamb.” The angle iron frames we install are tapped for locksets and hinges while counter-sunk screw holes are drilled for proper installation.

Metal Doors

Frog Lock Locksmith installs hollow metal doors, which are cold-rolled, patent-leveled, pickled and open-hearth sheet steel. Each of the Kalamein doors we install is engineered to exceed the architectural standards for full flush doors. They’re made with continuous bonding of “core to metal face sheets.” They also come with rock wool insulation, which fills the gaps between the ribs.  These doors are mortised and reinforced to fit all types of hardware.

We can also customize doors from 12-20-gauge of steel. We also install flush doors, which are covered with up to 24-gauge steel. You can choose from louvers, solid panels or glass panels for your flush door. All Kalamein doors we install are certified by the “NYC Board of Standards and Appeals” with 90-minute and 3-hour fire rating.

Metal Doors vs. Wood Doors

  • Metal doors are fire-rated by up to 3 hours, exceeding test standards for NYC and approved by the NYC Department of Buildings.
  • Investing on a metal door is a better choice in terms of durability and quality. It lasts longer and provides better insulation than a wood door can.
  • In terms of aesthetics, the metal doors we install can be with glass panel, solid panel or louver – based on your request.
  • Savings on heating and cooling cost is another benefit of fireproof metal doors. Wood doors retain some warmth but also let heat pass through the air pockets inside it. On the other hand are metal doors, which can retain heat and provide better insulation.
  • Wood doors are breakable, giving way for intruders with only a few kicks. A fireproof metal door is not. It can withstand abuse and punishment better – frustrating intruders.
  • Wood doors may be cheaper, although they come with sacrifices. The solid core type is pricier but it is a long-term investment – great as exterior doors.
  • Metal doors are heavier, and they can withstand weather changes better than their wood counterparts do.
  • Hollow wood doors have the interior design that can disrupt sound waves, breaking them up and silencing the sound well. But the solid door does a better job on this aspect because it is thicker and more solid.

Frog Lock Locksmith has been installing and changing doors – new fireproof doors, push bars, panic device and door closures, as well as door hardware and accessories. We can install a new solid fire-rated metal door for you.

Do you want a new fireproof metal door installed? Call the pros at (516) 263-7770‏ today!