Metal Door vs Wood Door Long Island

When deciding for an exterior door, you may be confused thinking which door to pick – metal door or wood door.  Check out the following for a quick comparison between a metal door vs wood door Long Island. Later, decide better which one is what you need for your home or business.

Wood Doors

wood door vs metal door long island
Wood doors look traditional and offer classic appeal. They have the character and may be heavy in weight.

However, they also come with downsides.  Certain weaknesses are inherent on such doors.  For one, their hinges become worn out with repeated stress and action.

Exterior conditions also affect their longevity.  Their pain, urethane finish or paint degrades over time.

The most common problem for wooden doors is expansion.  They tend to expand when exposed to moisture. In this case, a wood door binds, making it hard to close or open.

Long Island Metal Doors

wood door vs metal door long island

These doors are costlier, but they offer consistency. They are also durable and customized to fit perfectly.  Their hinge attachment will not wear loose even with repeated action. Metal doors are also solid.

They can prevent any intrusion and burglary. A metal door has durable locks, which cannot be removed easily. However, a metal door is pre stamp-cut for lock installation, so selecting the right lock for it is important.   A locksmith in Long Island can install the best metal door with the right lock hardware.

Metal Door vs Wood Door Long Island

If you’re looking for the most value of your investment, metal doors are the way to go. These doors are fire-rated by up to three hours.  They exceed test standards for NYC. They’re also approved by the fire department.

Quality, durability and customization are also top advantages of metal doors.   Homeowners can select a solid panel, glass panel or louver.

Where to Get Help for Fireproof Doors Installation

For efficient, high quality and solid fireproof doors installation, Frog Lock Locksmith is the name to trust! We’re installing for homeowners in the Long Island areas. Call us at (516) 263-7770‏ today!