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Locksmith service in long island – The Frog Lock knowledgeable locksmiths will guide you in finding the right lock system in our complete line of name brand, high-quality locks and then expertly install them to keep your property safe.

By far the most common security devices used are locks. Even those of us who do not often think about security know how important it is to have a well-functioning, quality lock on your door.

If you purchase your next lock from Frog Lock you know you will get a superior lock and professional installation. We stock a large variety of locks and lock accessories that will not only complement the décor but also provide the highest level of protection. 

We supply deadbolt locks, mortise locks, magnetic locks, and high-security locks in the latest models and most modern technology.

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Frog Lock knowledgeable locksmiths will guide you in finding the lock system that best fits your security needs. Always come to Frog Lock for your new locks and you will know you have the best locks with the best advice and installation. Get our best locksmith service in long Island now!