Security Cameras System Installation in NYC

Frog lock wants to help you make your property as secure as possible. We carry and install security cameras for the home and business owners.

Let me personally walk you through your security needs so you can purchase the best security camera system necessary. We will discuss wired and wireless options, hidden versus visible cameras, length of video recording, indoor versus outdoor cameras, night or day surveillance and if you need it to be connected to the internet.

All of these details will help me put together a security camera system that will keep your property safe. And not only can you purchase the equipment from Frog lock, but we can professionally install it for you. Contact Frog lock today to start setting up your security camera system.

Sorting Security Cameras

IT domain

• Application security • computing security • Data security • Information security • Network security

Physical domain

• Airport security • Food security • Home security • Infrastructure security • Physical security • Port security/Supply chain security • School security • Shopping focus security


• Homeland security • Human security • International security • National security • Public security

Security Cameras System

Security system is the level of imperviousness to, or insurance from, damage. It applies to any powerless and important resource, for example, an individual, staying, group, country, or association. The most essential meaning of any security system is found in its name. It refers to the strategy through which you could secure something through a provision of interworking segments as well as gadgets which are interworking. Here, we are talking about home security systems, which can be termed as mechanisms of coordinated electronic devices, assisting by using a focal control board, so that security is ensured.

Security Cameras and insurance system

Security system as well as insurance mechanism, any of a typical apparatuses which  are intended to look over people as well as our property against several types of dangers, which comprise of theft, fire, mischance, subversion, harm, as well as assault. Most security and insurance system stress certain risks more than others do. An imperative refinement between a security and insurance system and open administrations, for example, police and fire divisions is that the previous utilizes implies that stress uninvolved and preventive measures.

Improvement of security system

The improvement and dispersion of security system and equipment in different parts of the world has been an uneven methodology. In many people such locales, nevertheless, offices of substantial universal companies and touchy government establishments utilize refined gear and procedures.

Security Cameras

Security administration system

  • Intrusion identification computerized focal station beneficiary joining
  • Intrusion identification reconciliation
  • Prefabricated Power and Cooling Data Center Modules
  • Improve nourishment security by controlling, observing and securing your offices
  • Improve money related execution and inhabitant fulfillment
  • Healthcare keen security administration framework
  • Integrated patient and resource administration

Security mechanism refers to the operation of access to a tool or a machine system’s assets, specially its information as well as working mechanism records. Security system any of different means or gadgets intended to monitor persons and property against an expansive scope of perils, including wrongdoing, fire.