Locksmith in Great Neck Estate

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A client who works and lives in Great Neck Estate had just bought a
a house whose locks needed to be changed. One of the locks on the front door which was Baldwin Hardware and locks had to be rekeyed and the back door replaced with a high-security lock. When we arrived at his residence, we got into the house to carry out an assessment on the job to be done. The owner of the building followed them and took the cost estimates of the job. The owner of the house-made it clear that the project was urgent and it was important that we work on it and have it completed on time. (more…)

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Repair lock in Great neck NY

Meir from Frog-Lock locksmith company in Great-neck repair a house lock.

Job Description:

The client called and said the handle was stuck and that the latch doesn’t work with the strike .  The client had Marx mortise mechanism and baldwin cylinder lock in near excellent shape with a spindle placed  with the groove not correctly, along with  that  the handle ,which was both off the spindle’s groove and  tightened excessively. I fixed this problem by first removing the handle  which lets me check the spindle. I removed the spindle to test the mechanism with a screw diver to make sure it is functional, Once I noticed the mechanisms is functional  it was time to correctly place the spindle. I then placed the handle and screwed in the screw on the spindles groove.

Watch what the client think about Meir’s job:

“Everything works fine”   |   “He did a good job”


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