Repair lock in Great neck NY

Meir from Frog-Lock locksmith company in Great-neck repair a house lock.

Job Description:

The client called and said the handle was stuck and that the latch doesn’t work with the strike .  The client had Marx mortise mechanism and baldwin cylinder lock in near excellent shape with a spindle placed  with the groove not correctly, along with  that  the handle ,which was both off the spindle’s groove and  tightened excessively. I fixed this problem by first removing the handle  which lets me check the spindle. I removed the spindle to test the mechanism with a screw diver to make sure it is functional, Once I noticed the mechanisms is functional  it was time to correctly place the spindle. I then placed the handle and screwed in the screw on the spindles groove.

Watch what the client think about Meir’s job:

“Everything works fine”   |   “He did a good job”

Install exit device push bar  to bring the exit door up to the standards of fire Marshall: