How Locksmith Rekey Lock Glen Cove Benefits You

What are the benefits to hire a locksmith rekey lock Glen Cove? When looking for locksmiths in this area, let Frog Lock Locksmith help! We do all types of rekey services in Glen Cove.  We offer a wide range of locksmith services, ensuring the safety of your family and your property. Lock rekeying is essential for home security and convenience.  Check out the following for what to know about lock rekey.

Cheaper than the traditional method of replacing home locks

Lock rekey does not require new handles and deadbolts, not to mention modifying the door to accept the new lock. Rekeying locks uses a simple process. Frog Lock Locksmith will remove the lock from the handle. Next, we will remove the pins to replace with new pins. They will be reinstalled on the door.

locksmith rekey glen cove

Just one key for all the locks

Our locksmith rekey lock Glen Cove helps you use one key to open all the locks.  Frog Lock Locksmith will make the new house key work on all the locks. This will give you total control and eliminate carrying too many keys or bringing the right one.

Existing hardware

Keeping the existing locks and door handles is another benefit of rekeying locks. Otherwise, you have to spend much time looking for a similar design. Sometimes, you will not find a similar one too.   With a rekey, you don’t have to worry on those.

If you’re interested in rekeying, don’t hesitate in contacting Frog Lock Locksmith. Contact us at (516) 263-7770 today!